• Herkullinen hampurilaisannos bataattiranskalaisten kera Bistro K5 ravintolassa Levillä.
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À la carte restaurant Bistro K5 in Levi

Herkullinen á la carte menun alkupala ja lasi viiniä Bistro K5 Levillä.

Bistro K5 - à la carte

Bistro K5 will open again for winter 2021-2022

Cosy and inviting BIstro K5 is a restaurant on the ground floor of Hotel K5 Levi. Enjoy the restaurant’s a la carte menu in which you can pimp your own burger! The windows of the restaurant open up to the hotel’s reindeer corral and you can see the playful reindeer while dining!

Bistro K5’s à la carte is available again the next ski season.

Lf = Lactoce free, Df = Dairy free, G = Gluten free, G* = Ask a gluten free option from staff

Hotel K5 Levin erityisyys on poroaitaus hotellin pihapiirissä, jossa on poroja talvisin.

See the reindeer while dining and wining

You can see the reindeer in the corral of the hotel’s backyard while having a breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks at Bistro K5! The big windows of the restaurant show view to the reindeer corral. You can also buy lichen from the reception to feed for the reindeer.

Upeat kattoon asti ulottuvat ikkunat ravintola Bistro K5 Levillä suuntautuvat poroaitaukseen.

How to find us

Bistro K5 in located in the ground floor of Hotel K5 Levi in Kätkänrannantie 2 near Levi tourist information spot. There’s parking space for our customers in front of the hotel. The restaurant can be reached from the Levi village center in about 5 min.