• Upea maisema Levin tunturikylän yli tuntureille.
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Experience the autumn and early winter in Levi

Stay with us this autumn admiring the foliage colors and the Northern Lights! The Levi village and surrounding area is full of activities and experiences also in autumn time.

Revontulet voi nähdä Levillä myös syystaivalla.

Vacation offers in Levi in the late autumn and early winter:

K5 Villas apartments:
From 135 € / day / 8 persons villa, minimum stay 2 days

Offers valid 27.9.-7.11.2020


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More info:
sales@golevi.fi or Tel: +358 40 456 2059


What to do in Levi in autumn and early winter:

Hiking and walking, Skiing

There are several well-marked paths around Levi and surroundings such as Ice Age Trail and Peak Trail. Rest areas and campfire places can be found along the routes. Wear good shoes pack some snacks and hit the trail! The Levi Front Slope and cross-country skiing tracks open 2.10. so you can head to the slopes or tracks too!

Hiihtoladut lähtevät aivan Hotel K5 Levin pihapiiristä.

Retkeilijä ihailemassa maisemaa Levitunturin rinteestä.


Learn about Samí people of North. Samiland exhibition includes an indoor exhibition (500m²) and an outdoor exhibition (10,000m²) and present culture, the history and present day of the European Union’s only indigenous people, the Sami. The exhibition is located in the Levi Summit Congress Centre in the Levi ski resort in Kittilä, Lapland.

Read more about Samiland exibition.

Samiland näyttely kertoo saamelaiskulttuurista, näyttely sijaitsee Tapahtumakeskus Levi Summitissa.